ONLINE REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. On-site registration will be located in Janet Ayers Academic Center 4094 beginning at 5 p.m. on Thursday, November 3rd.   Programs and name tags will be available at the registration table.

The National Conference on Higher Education in Prison has traditionally not required a registration fee. In keeping with this tradition and because the planning committee is committed to making this conference available to all, a registration fee is not required to attend.

We’re thrilled to have received a grant to offset most conference costs (e.g., room fees, printing, tech support). However, we still need to cover some expenses. Rather than ask for a registration fee, we ask that all participants and attendees who are financially able to make a tax-deductible donation in lieu of a registration fee.

Donations will ensure we accomplish two important goals. First, they will provide stipends for those who need financial support to attend the 2016 conference, thereby encouraging rich educational, professional, and intellectual engagement between any interested members of the higher education in prison community.  Second, our goal for this year’s conferences is to explore the ways higher education can transform our nation’s system of incarceration.  Thus, this conference has the potential to liberate and transform incarcerated persons, free-world persons, and the systems that affect them.  Donations will allow us to provide for community-building, practice-innovating, and idea-generating conference activities to achieve this goal.

Your donation will be deposited directly into the Conference Fund account at Belmont University and its full tax-deductible amount will be applied toward the costs of the conference.

We ask that you complete the registration form below and we suggest a donation of:

1) $100.00 for faculty members and other professionals with research and/or travel accounts, others who have full-time employment, and those not connected to an organization or institution but with resources;

2) $50.00 for faculty members and other professionals lacking research and/or travel accounts, others with other kinds of employment situations, and those not connected to an organization or institution with limited resources;

3) $0.00 – $25.00 for persons with insufficient resources to donate more.

Please note, if you want to increase your donation by $50, $100, or $150 and dedicate this increase to the stipend fund, please indicate your desire to do so in the box provided below labeled “Additional Donation” after entering your donation amount. All dollar amounts marked for the stipend fund will be used to support those with fewer resources.

For each of the three levels of donation, please describe your status in the box labeled “Attendee Status.” If you are in need of a travel stipend, please describe this need as well as the anticipated dollar amount requested in the box provided below labeled “Stipend Request.”